Delhi Bomb Threat: Who Is Behind The Hoax Bomb Threat That Shut Down Hundred Schools In Delhi?

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In the early hours of Wednesday, around 100 schools across Delhi-NCR were shaken by bomb threat emails sent to their official email IDs. The mail started coming in as early as 4 a.m. The threats prompted immediate action from the authorities, and schools were searched across Delhi. While no evidence of danger has been uncovered so far, law enforcement officials remain vigilant. An investigation is also launched to trace the origin of the email, which, prima facie, appears to have been sent from Russia. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena has spoken with the Police Commissioner, urging a comprehensive investigation into the recent bomb threats targeting schools across Delhi-NCR. The news comes just a day after prominent airports like Goa, Jaipur, and Mumbai received bomb threat emails. We will continue to bring more updates on the matter; keep watching DNA.