Jun 6, 2024, 10:05 PM IST

Meet tawaif who destroyed Mughals

Shweta Singh

Courtesans, known as Tawaifs, were esteemed figures in Mughal society, revered for their expertise in music, dance, poetry, and conversation.

Tawaifs like Nur Bai were highly educated and respected, often receiving large sums of money and lavish gifts from noblemen.

Nur Bai, renowned for her beauty and eloquence, was a favorite of Emperor Muhammad Shah Rangila and had access to his inner chambers.

In Rangila's chambers, Nur Bai discovered the fabled Kohinoor diamond, which he kept hidden in his turban.

Despite the secrecy surrounding the Kohinoor, Nur Bai revealed its existence to Nader Shah, who invaded Delhi.

Nader Shah strategically negotiated for peace and used a ritual involving turban exchange to acquire the Kohinoor from Rangila.

Nur Bai's betrayal led to the loss of the Kohinoor diamond from Mughal possession.

Nader Shah took the Kohinoor with him, initiating its journey through history, ultimately ending up in British possession.

Today, the Kohinoor diamond remains a symbol of power and controversy, residing in the British crown jewels.