SANDAPT Past Programs

Date Presenter(s) Program Title
Jan. 21 Susan Nash Temperament Separate to Type: An Additional Tool for Enhancing Type Applications
Date Presenter(s) Program Title
Nov. 4 Stephen Santore Treasures Within the Type Table: A Close Look at the Brilliant Design of Isabel Briggs Myers
Sept. 16 Markey Read It's About Time: How Different Types Interact With Time
Jul. 15 Peter Geyer A.M. - Jung's Compass: The Theory of Psychological Types from His Own Point of View
P.M. - Jung's Compass: A Deeper Dive plus Q&A
Apr. 29 Susan Nash MAXIMIZE: Scavenger Hunt for Experiencing Type Knowledge
Mar. 25 Mary Anne Sutherland The Learning Puzzle
Jan. 28 Dario Nardi, Ph.D. A.M. - Your Brain and Type
P.M. - Experiential Brain Lab
Date Presenter(s) Program Title
Nov. 12 Patrick Kerwin The Road to Excellence: Using Type Development for Individual and Professional Growth
Sept. 17 Jennifer Selby Long Are You A Wealthy Type?
July 16 Laura Trozzi Back to Basics: The 8 Functions as Jung Introduced Them
May 21 Laurie Lippin, Ph.D. Exploring Extraversion / Introversion: Lessons in Appreciating Difference
Mar. 5 Bob McAlpine A.M. - Applying One's Typology for Greater Self-Understanding
P.M. - Shifting Emotional Energies Attached to the Functions
Jan. 23 Jerry Black, J.D. How to Embrace a Sensor Judger (SJ) - the Secret Component to Your Success
Date Presenter(s) Program Title
Nov. 7 Jane Kise A.M. - Polarity Thinking: A New Tool for Teaching Type, Coaching Clients, Ending Endless Debates, and More!
P.M. - Intentional Leadership Coaching: Combining Type, Emotional Intelligence and Polarity Thinking to Help Clients Achieve Their Purpose
Sept. 19 Linda Berens Intentional Styles: A New Look at Type and How To Use It
June 13 Linda Elliott A.M. - Integrating Life Changing Events Through Personality Type
P.M. - Honoring Your Reintegration Style
May 2 Charles Bocage Type & Mental Health
Mar. 28 Susan Nash The Versatile Leader: Using Type to Achieve Versatility in Leadership
Jan. 24 Pat Wyman A.M. - The MBTI® and the Enneagram: Keys to Self-Understanding
P.M. - Solving the Mystery of Conflicting Personalities with the MBTI®, Enneagram and Right-brain Therapy
Date Presenter(s) Program Title
Nov. 15  Various Best Practices
Sept. 27  Dario Nardi, Ph.D.

A.M. - Priming Your Brain for Type Development
P.M. - Trust What You Do: Brain Insights from Therapeutic Coaching

June 7  Patrick Kerwin "True Type Tales" & Toughest Type Questions
Apr. 26  Adam Frey Understanding Problematic People through Type
Mar. 8  Bob McAlpine A.M. - Understanding and Engaging the Eight Mental Functions
P.M. - Applying the Eight Function-Attitude Eight Archetype Model Meaningfully
Jan. 11  Susan Nash Let’s Get Visual: Understanding the Jungian Function-Attitudes
Date Presenter(s) Program Title
Dec. 7  Judy Issokson Driving Global Change with Type and Temperament
Sept. 7  Doris Fuellgrabe Type and Culture
June 29  Linda Berens Exploring Cognitive Dynamics & SANDAPT 10-Year Anniversary Party
Apr. 20  Linda Berens Getting to the CORE of Communication
Mar. 16  Stephen Santore NovaType: Changing the World, One Idea at a Time
Jan. 19  Dario Nardi, Ph.D. The Neuroscience of Uniqueness: Exploring Personality in Depth
Date Presenter(s) Program Title
Nov. 3  Dick Thompson Type, Stress and Decision-making
Sept. 15  Elizabeth Murphy Coaching Families using the MBTI® and the MMTIC®
June 16  Erin Passons Discover Your Strengths: Combining StrengthsFinder and Psychological Type
Apr. 21  Suzanne Brue The 8 Colors of Fitness:  Connecting Your Fitness Personality with Activities You Love!
Mar. 17  Serena Santillanes Working Wisdom: Using Type In Your Career
Jan. 14  Michel Zelnick Type and Relationship – A Multi-Dimensional Approach