SANDAPT Past Programs

Date Presenter(s) Program Title
May 21 Laura Virgilio Emotional Intelligence & Personality Type
Date Presenter(s) Program Title
June 5 Dr. Erin Currie Love: What's Type Got to Do With It?
Date Presenter(s) Program Title
Sept. 26 Dr. Karen Dietz Storytelling for Transformation & Type Development
June 20 Susan Nash Flawless Facilitation: Techniques to Help All Types Learn
Feb. 22 Carol Shumate Type and Body Language
Jan. 11 Markey Read Access Your Superpower
Date Presenter(s) Program Title
Nov. 2 Cash Keahey Leverage Your LeaderTypes for Success!
Sept. 28 Judah Pollack Type and Storytelling
Jun. 22 Timi Gleason & Susan Curtin Conversational Intelligence & Personality Type
Apr. 27 Susan Nash Enhancing Influencing Effectiveness Using Interaction Style
Mar. 9 Dario Nardi, Ph.D. A.M. - Growing Together: Brains, Personality & Relationships
P.M. - Jung & Yoga: Personality-Specific Advice for Body-Mind Practices
Jan. 19 Laura Trozzi Emotional Intelligence and Personality Type: How Do You Show Up?
Date Presenter(s) Program Title
Nov. 3 Serena Santillanes Working Wisdom: Using Type in Your Career
Sept. 22 Karen Keefer & Judy Levy Type & Values: From Preferences to Politics
June 2 Kathleen Sexton MBTI® & Genograms: A New Type Lens for Looking at Your Family
Apr. 28 Sharon Richmond Develop Yourself and Others Using Type
Feb. 24 Claire Hayman The What? Why? and How? of Introducing Type to Teens
Jan. 21 Susan Nash Temperament Separate to Type: An Additional Tool for Enhancing Type Applications
Date Presenter(s) Program Title
Nov. 4 Stephen Santore Treasures Within the Type Table: A Close Look at the Brilliant Design of Isabel Briggs Myers
Sept. 16 Markey Read It's About Time: How Different Types Interact With Time
Jul. 15 Peter Geyer A.M. - Jung's Compass: The Theory of Psychological Types from His Own Point of View
P.M. - Jung's Compass: A Deeper Dive plus Q&A
Apr. 29 Susan Nash MAXIMIZE: Scavenger Hunt for Experiencing Type Knowledge
Mar. 25 Mary Anne Sutherland The Learning Puzzle
Jan. 28 Dario Nardi, Ph.D. A.M. - Your Brain and Type
P.M. - Experiential Brain Lab
Date Presenter(s) Program Title
Nov. 12 Patrick Kerwin The Road to Excellence: Using Type Development for Individual and Professional Growth
Sept. 17 Jennifer Selby Long Are You A Wealthy Type?
July 16 Laura Trozzi Back to Basics: The 8 Functions as Jung Introduced Them
May 21 Laurie Lippin, Ph.D. Exploring Extraversion / Introversion: Lessons in Appreciating Difference
Mar. 5 Bob McAlpine A.M. - Applying One's Typology for Greater Self-Understanding
P.M. - Shifting Emotional Energies Attached to the Functions
Jan. 23 Jerry Black, J.D. How to Embrace a Sensor Judger (SJ) - the Secret Component to Your Success
Date Presenter(s) Program Title
Nov. 7 Jane Kise A.M. - Polarity Thinking: A New Tool for Teaching Type, Coaching Clients, Ending Endless Debates, and More!
P.M. - Intentional Leadership Coaching: Combining Type, Emotional Intelligence and Polarity Thinking to Help Clients Achieve Their Purpose
Sept. 19 Linda Berens Intentional Styles: A New Look at Type and How To Use It
June 13 Linda Elliott A.M. - Integrating Life Changing Events Through Personality Type
P.M. - Honoring Your Reintegration Style
May 2 Charles Bocage Type & Mental Health
Mar. 28 Susan Nash The Versatile Leader: Using Type to Achieve Versatility in Leadership
Jan. 24 Pat Wyman A.M. - The MBTI® and the Enneagram: Keys to Self-Understanding
P.M. - Solving the Mystery of Conflicting Personalities with the MBTI®, Enneagram and Right-brain Therapy
Date Presenter(s) Program Title
Nov. 15  Various Best Practices
Sept. 27  Dario Nardi, Ph.D.

A.M. - Priming Your Brain for Type Development
P.M. - Trust What You Do: Brain Insights from Therapeutic Coaching

June 7  Patrick Kerwin "True Type Tales" & Toughest Type Questions
Apr. 26  Adam Frey Understanding Problematic People through Type
Mar. 8  Bob McAlpine A.M. - Understanding and Engaging the Eight Mental Functions
P.M. - Applying the Eight Function-Attitude Eight Archetype Model Meaningfully
Jan. 11  Susan Nash Let’s Get Visual: Understanding the Jungian Function-Attitudes
Date Presenter(s) Program Title
Dec. 7  Judy Issokson Driving Global Change with Type and Temperament
Sept. 7  Doris Fuellgrabe Type and Culture
June 29  Linda Berens Exploring Cognitive Dynamics & SANDAPT 10-Year Anniversary Party
Apr. 20  Linda Berens Getting to the CORE of Communication
Mar. 16  Stephen Santore NovaType: Changing the World, One Idea at a Time
Jan. 19  Dario Nardi, Ph.D. The Neuroscience of Uniqueness: Exploring Personality in Depth
Date Presenter(s) Program Title
Nov. 3  Dick Thompson Type, Stress and Decision-making
Sept. 15  Elizabeth Murphy Coaching Families using the MBTI® and the MMTIC®
June 16  Erin Passons Discover Your Strengths: Combining StrengthsFinder and Psychological Type
Apr. 21  Suzanne Brue The 8 Colors of Fitness:  Connecting Your Fitness Personality with Activities You Love!
Mar. 17  Serena Santillanes Working Wisdom: Using Type In Your Career
Jan. 14  Michel Zelnick Type and Relationship – A Multi-Dimensional Approach