Jun 6, 2024, 05:56 PM IST

9 must-watch shows for UPSC aspirants

Manisha Chauhan

Samvidhaan: This series provides a detailed account of how the Indian Constitution was drafted, showcasing the debates and discussions in the Constituent Assembly.

Bharat Ek Khoj: This series covers the rich history and cultural heritage of India from ancient times to independence.

Satyamev Jayate: Hosted by Aamir Khan, this talk show addresses various social issues in India, providing deep insights into societal challenges and progress.

The Crown: While not directly related to Indian history, this series offers insights into the British monarchy and its impact on global affairs, including India's history.

Panchayat:  A comedy-drama series that provides insights into rural administration and challenges in India, reflecting grassroots governance issues.

The Wire:  This series explores the socio-economic and political issues of Baltimore, USA, providing a detailed analysis of urban issues, which can be paralleled with urban governance challenges in India.

Chernobyl: This miniseries details the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, offering insights into crisis management, governance, and environmental issues.

Our Planet:  This documentary series highlights environmental and conservation issues, important for the Environment and Ecology section of the UPSC syllabus.

Band of Brothers: This series offers a deep dive into World War II, providing historical context relevant to understanding 20th-century global politics.